Trust Issues In The Field Of Technology

Technology: Dealing with Trust Issues by Involving Experts

Trust Issues In The Field Of Technology

How technology and the Internet handle private data today. The importance of human control in the process of securing data and private information.

Technology: Dealing with Trust Issues

In the face of technology taking over every aspect of life, the question of it being secure is taking its toll. There have been plenty of funny clips and mems circulating around the Internet about Mark Zuckerberg’s 2-days testimony at the U.S. Senate on Facebook data security following the scandal of Cambridge Analytica using the data of 87 million Facebook users in the attempt to leverage the election of U.S. President in 2016. However, how serious the concerns of developers, companies and, social media users should be?

Techwireasia reports Asian employers’ hunt for security experts taking out students to fill in the position before they even get their degree in college. Cybersecurity is a perspective career to pursue. Check out the ideas of college admission essay format to structure your opinion on the future of cybersecurity the best way possible.

The security experts in technology would be in a demand for a long time. So, if you are seeking to pursue a career in demand then it is the perfect time to do so. There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t have an opinion on security issues of using social media and technology.

Pressing Demand for Security Experts

Fully relying on social media and technology in terms of trust has backfired as never before.

Cambridge Analytica has closed the business and Facebook is left on the ruins of trust it had with the users. The question of data security remains as Ime Archibong, Facebook’s director of product partnership, admitted to BBC’s technology correspondent that restoring trust between Facebook and users is a big job that is going to be neither speedy nor simple.

UK-based cyber-security company Protection Group International reports an expected increase in the income of cybersecurity experts by at least 20%. It is even expected that the number of cybersecurity experts might be drastically insufficient to meet the demand by 2020.

How Long till the Next Crisis?

Hardly a month passed after Mr. Zuckersberg’s testimony on the events that took place 2 years ago, as Twitter has issued an urgent message of internal leak, pleading for its 330 million users to change their passwords. The platform reported that a bug occurred in their internal system and showed readable passwords in a log before completing the hashing process.

Twitter carried out the investigation to learn that the insiders did not take advantage of the exposure. The leak was capped not involving any third parties outside the company. The security experts called the actions of Twitter towards the exposure “encouraging”. Well, good job Twitter, but what’s next?

Apparently, in case of Twitter, there were highly-moral employees involved who were able to handle the situation in the best interests of both platform users and Twitter. However, despite these, there are second thoughts about the internal investigations as the users might learn in 2 years or more, that their personal information was used to influence their opinion and choice.

Prospects of Better Start-Ups

In 2 days after Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony, almost 1 in 10 Americans deleted their Facebook profile as presented in the survey by Techpinions research group. The same research has shown that 35% of people started to spend less time on the platform due to the concerns about its safety. The numbers do not seem too high, especially, after Mr. Archibong confirmed that data misuse might not necessarily end with Cambridge Analytica and there are more cases to expect.

Apparently, the future of quality and secure services depend on the high moral code of security experts and developers. Their choice to work with the employer with same principles might shift the outlook of founders of start-ups towards their customers in the future. Instead of pursuing the purpose of plain money-making, care towards the customers and their security are the features that are hard to underestimate in any service.

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