The 5 Best Selling Smart Watches of the Year

The 5 Best Selling Smart Watches of the Year

The 5 Best Selling Smart Watches of the Year

The Smart watches are leading tech devices with lot of innovative features that attract users in different ways. There are lot of smart watches introduced into the market with latest features and additional benefits.

The smart watches have lot of special features in them that you can control mobile device from your wrist.

The notifications, calls, messages, video calls, application messages, fitness details, heart rate and many others can be monitor from these smart watches.

Here is a list of bestselling smart watches in 2018 you can purchase.

1.     Apple Watch 3:

Apple Watch 3

Apple is top leading producers of smart devices with millions of purchases. The Apple introduced their latest smart watch named Apple watch 3 with the innovative features and best benefits. Here are the features of Apple Watch 3:

  • IOS 4 Operating system
  • 53” OLED display
  • S2 dual core processor
  • 8GB/16GB storage variants
  • 18 hours of Battery backup
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC connectivity

2.     Ticwatch E:

Ticwatch E

The Ticwatch E is another smart watch with unique features. They have GPS, heart rate monitor sensor, quick charging support that makes lot of people to love this watch. This watch has great design and gives best look to your wrist. The Ticwatch E is most popular with their affordable price option. The features are:

  • Android 4.3 OS, IOS 8+
  • MediaTek MT2601 Processor
  • 4GB storage
  • One-day battery backup
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity

3.     LG Watch Style:

LG Watch Style

The LG is one of the top leading producers of electronic devices that now produced the smart watch with the collaboration of Google. The LG watch style is their new smart watch with latest features and additional benefits.

This watch comes with android operating system and you can connect to all android phones. This watch is good looking and design is also unique with them. Here are the features of LG Watch Style:

  • Android 4.3+, IOS 8.2+
  • Snapdragon 2100 processor
  • 4GB onboard storage
  • 24hrs of battery backup
  • Conductive USB charger
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

4.     Ticwatch S:

Ticwatch S

Ticwatch has produced many watches and the model Ticwatch S is one among them. This company watches are treated best as they are available for affordable prices when compared to remaining watches.

The people who are looking for smart watches with low price can purchase the Ticwatch S. Here are best features about them:

  • Android 4.3+, IOS 8+
  • MediaTek Mt 2601 Processor
  • 4GB onboard storage
  • 24hrs of charging support
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity

5.     Fitbit Ionic:

Fitbit Ionic

The Fitbit Ionic is fitness band that enter the world of smart watches with unique features. You can monitor running, weight lifting, swimming, hear rate, calorie meter, distance travelled and many more with this Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch.

There is lot of other things involved in this smart watch. They come with Android and IOS compatibility, 2.5GB onboard storage, 2 to 3 days of charging support and they are also water resistant.

There are several other smart watches available in the market but these are the top 5 bestselling among them. You can prefer some of the elements to purchase these watches.

This includes branded product, unique features, affordable price, watch material and other things. You can check them before purchasing a good smart watch for your requirements.

Hence these are the top things included in knowing about best-selling smart watches in 2018.

Knowing about these watches will best help you to know about right availability of watches in the market. Hence you can purchase right watch for your requirements among all of these watches.

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