How To Recover Your Lost Data

How To Recover Your Lost Data From Hard Disk/USB/SD Card

How To Recover Your Lost Data From Hard Disk/USB/SD Card

How To Recover Your Lost Data

Every person, in general, is concerned the most about anything he owns. You’d do anything it takes to protect your possessions from misappropriation or loss.

Applying this concept into the world of I.T, data is your possession and highly sensitive in nature. Due to its technicalities and structured dynamics, I.T tends to be a field generally considered as difficult for many to understand.

However, the only word commonly known to everyone is “Data”. It is also extremely sensitive in nature and consequences could be hard to bear if it lost.

Despite the facility of Data Recovery Software Free you frequently experience data loss, don’t you? Here are some of the causes of data loss:

1.Corruption of Software

This is one of the most commonly experienced reasons of data loss. Almost each one of you would have experienced this is without knowing that it is one factor of data loss.

Almost everyone is acquainted with Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader and     their use. If you ever face sudden system shut downs while writing a document or filtering a visual, you need to know that your system has been corrupted. The entire data, in this course, would be lost.


There cannot be much discussion over this factor. It is literally useless to ponder over ways to control the uncontrollable.

The fact that you won’t suffer data loss in the course of catastrophes is literally inevitable.

This is exactly why free data recovery software facility was designed to prevent data loss during short circuits, floods and tornados etc.

3.Virus Intrusion

To the computer, virus literally is as allergic as meat is to a vegetarian. It is a infectious disease which will cause the user the utmost problems provided it is not cured on time.

Free Data Recovery Software facility was created to facilitate the backup procedure in the course of data loss. Apart from this, data can also be recovered through Hard Disk, SD cards and USBs.

4.Data deletion by ignorance

It happens that you move some important files to cash bin, then delete all the files in the bin. Then sad story begins. But actually, though the files are gone, but they are still taking some space in the disk. So, with a data recovery software, we can Recover deleted files.

The procedure of restoring data through Hard Disk, SD cards and USBs with the help of EaseUS Data Recovery Software is enlisted in steps as below:

Step 1: Repair/Fix a dead external hard drive/USB drive/SD card

Method 1: Force the dead external hard drive/USB drive/SD card to show up in Disk Management Tool

Method 2:  Make the dead external hard drive/SD card/USB to show up by uninstalling drivers

Step 2: Restore data/files from dead external hard drive/USB/SD card

Step 3: Format and repair dead external hard drive/USB/SD card to NTFS (reusable)

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