Education Adventure-Technology Evolution

Education Adventure- Technology Evolution


Our country India whose population is more than 100 crores and still increasing, half of the population is covered by the youths or the kids. The kids learn from their surrounding and accordingly their demand or the requirements are effected according to the environment they grow. Parents have been very careful as their child grows and the type of education that is being imparted to their kids or the youth. Globalization and the advancement in technology completely revolutionized the system of education. Till the 20th century, playtime for kids was to rush to the open fields and play outdoor sports or games, but today in the 21st century, even small kids know very well how to use a smartphone and kids who are still studying in the high school are more getting drenched to the social media. There are many policies in the country are currently following the new trends for the transaction, imparting education, etc but it also has to lead to many consequences which every single person should keep in mind.

#Evolution of Classroom

The classroom is the most basic amenity of any kid or youth where the person learns many things in his life. Whether it is the first sum of two numbers, diagrams to typical terms in medical and toughest calculations in B.Tech Courses, every single aspect in the classroom is very important. Globalization and advancement in technology have brought a lot of change in the education system as well as the design of the classrooms. Students learn very well if they are able to imagine the topic that is being taught or it is the tendency of the human if they see any motion picture then it gives more impact or it is remembered and can be recalled more comfortably.  So instead of books nowadays students are being taught on projectors through live video which not only helps the students to grab the logic behind, keeps them safe from chemical tests and the most important is the clearance of the doubts if any raised by the students. Top Engineering Colleges of Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, etc, have changed the technique of teaching the students and have adopted the new technique of the modern world. During the exams, CCTV cameras have been installed in the classrooms which help in invigilation and instead of giving responsibility to 4 teachers in a classroom, one teacher is enough.


Other than evolution in classrooms, it also has other modern aspects. The University can now draft a mail attaching the question paper and mailing it to the respective college days on the exam day and before they need to send a parcel on the given address of the college before a couple of days of the exam. It used to take more time and investment of capital. It also saved the papers as online exams neither require question paper nor the answer sheets. Other benefits include collection, gathering and access to information any time through the internet with more number of examples for more clarification on the logic or the concept being taught in the exam.


Advancement in technology has brought a revolution but, it also has some consequences which are being faced by the school/ college management, teachers, students and parents. Increase in competition is one of the worst consequences which has affected many. Students in the heap of scoring marks are not able to gain knowledge.

It’s good to keep up with the pace of the advancement in technology, but many aspects and consequences need to be considered before any consideration.


Author Name: Rishabh Kumar

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