Buy Jio Media Cable Online Booking Flipkart – Jio Media Cable Price in India

Buy Jio Media Cable Online Booking Flipkart – Jio Media Cable Price in India

Buy Jio Media Cable Online Booking Flipkart – Jio Media Cable Price in India

Buy Jio Media Cable Online Booking Flipkart

Jio Media Cable

Jio Media Cable is another hot topic for which everyone is searching for. Yes, Jio Media Cable has got many different features and specifications for which it has got great demand over the market and huge crowd is searching for Jio media Cable online.

As we all know that Reliance Jio team surprising everyone with the latest deals and offers to the users and keeping them shocking all the time with the new offers at its best. But, now it’s times for Jio Media Cable. Yes, people now got shocked with the features and offers that are added in Jio Media Cable.

How to Buy Jio Media Cable

The Jio Media Cable is not available with the handset package. You need to buy it from the market. Unfortunately, Jio is yet to launch the cable on its website. So, the best option is to buy Jio Media Cable from online stores like Flipkart, Amazon and others.

With the Jio Media Cable, you can connect your Jio Handset with any new and upgraded TV set to even with the old and traditional CRT TV sets. So, with this cable, you will no more need to depend on cable connections to watch your favorite movies or videos. You can directly watch them on your TV by connecting your handset with it.

This is a great way of entertainment, especially in the rural areas where there are mobile connections available but don’t have better cable connections. So, to buy Jio Media Cable, visit any nearby Jio retail outlet or visit the online shop and get the same delivered to your home. You can also keep a tab on the Jio official website for any kind of updated information about the same.

Buy Jio Media Cable Online Booking Flipkart - Jio Media Cable Price in India

What is Jio Media Cable and How it Useful?

As a User, it is very important to know what Jio Media Cable deals about and what are the features and specifications that are Jio media Cable consists of and what is the procedure of buying Jio Media Cable online, how to book Jio Media Cable online. How to make use of Jio Media Cable?

If you are looking for any such question about the Jio Media Cable, then you are at the right place. Here, in this article complete information about Jio media Cable is given and allowed users to get knowledge about Jio Media Cable before selecting option for Online Booking of Jio Media Cable.

How to Use Jio Media Cable

To watch your mobile contents on the TV, you will need two basic things which are: –

  • Jio Media Cable: – This will help you to connect your handset with the TV and show its content on the big screen.
  • Recharge of 309: – There are many recharges available for the Jio phone, but with other recharges, you can connect your phone to the TV. You need to do the recharge of Rs 309 which is valid for 28 days and offers unlimited local and STD calling with a 500MB free 4G data and unlimited data browsing facility.

After recharging with Rs 309, just insert the cables to the TV set and the Jio Phone and you can play all the media files from the mobile on the TV set.

What is the Price of Jio Media Cable?

Jio Media Cable price is not define by the Jio official team but it is estimated that Jio Media Cable Price will be in and around 150Rs. But still, users are waiting for getting to know the price of Jio media cable. Don’t miss the chance of buying online Jio Cable for media as because it has got many features which didn’t have till now. Let see what features that Jio Media Cable exists of.

Jio Media Cable Price in India

As the cable is not yet officially launched by Jio, the exact price of the same is not available yet. The cables available in the online stores have got an MRP of approximately Rs 249. So, you can compare the Jio Media Cable price and its specifications in different sites and got for the purchase after that.


Features of Jio Media Cable:

Connecting the Media Stream of your phone directly to the TV screen which was not possible earlier. On Aug 24, Jio finally announced a device for media live stream playing on TV from the phone media and that is Jio Media Cable.

Make Your Video Screen big now with Jio Media Cable:

Yes..!! now it is possible to make your screen a larger by connecting your Jio media cable with the TV screen and it is the main features that Jio Media Cable exists with. There is option to buy online Jio media Cable on Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and much other online shopping sites.

How to Book Online Jio Media Cable?

If you like the features and specification of Jio Media Cable, with the demand it’s existing in the market. You will be surely planning to buy Jio media cable. If you are really looking for buying it online, then check the procedure of online booking of media cable Jio.

  • Open the online shopping portals like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and any other online shopping sites
  • Search for the Jio Media Cable on the Online Shopping sites in the search Tab.
  • Then Add to Cart and follow the same procedure as the same you follow for buying the other online items on online shopping sites.

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