7 Gadgets That Will Help You Sleep

7 Gadgets That Will Help You Sleep

When there are construction crews right outside your bedroom window, or that strange buzzing sound that is coming from the hallway. Or perhaps there are flashing lights that continuously blink outside your apartment building in New York.

For many of us, trying to find a way to go to sleep each night can be a challenge. Often there are legitimate reasons, but luckily there are a few of the latest gadgets which have been created to help. For example, there is one that shines a glowing and soft aura which mimics sunsets, while another one uses AL that will adjust your bed according to your specific sleeping pattern. These gadgets all come with their own unique features which are all designed to assist you in falling asleep easier and faster.

1. Philips Somneo Priced At $189.95

One of the stand out features associated with this device is that is doesn’t need to be connected to Wi-Fi or a phone, which means the setup is extremely fast and easy. All you need to do is put in your required settings, the current time, followed by setting your alarm and the gadget is ready. If you are already tired and ready for bed when you have purchased the device, you will be able to use it on the same night. This gadget simulates sunsets and offers 7 different settings in association to sounds and lights to assist you with your breathing exercises.


2. SleepScore Max Sleep Tracker ($149.99)

This is a device which is designed to monitor your breathing. When you use the app, you are able to set-up the gadget beside your bed. It works out how well or poorly you are sleeping according to your breathing, while it monitors your total sleep time, your deep sleep along with other important factors. This app offers tips that are associated with your personal situation like lowering the rooms temperature to bring about a deeper sleep or to switch off all the lights as the gadget recorded that you wake up at specific times.

3. Beddi Glow Priced At $79.99

Invented back in the 1940’s the clock-radio is one of the bedside accessories that many of us barely take notice of. Beddi Glow is entirely different as it shines an orange soft light that mimics a sunrise or sunset, where you are able to adjust the intensity, color and other settings through the app. You can also choose to play nature sounds, white noise or music that you have downloaded from your phone. Alternatively, you can use the built-in FM radio to assist you in dozing off.

4. Tulo Queen Mattress Priced At $995

I am a real fan when it comes to this particular mattress company associated with a single specific reason. Unlike the other “bed-in-a-box” businesses, where you are able to order with your app or online, Kutson provides a way for customers to customize the stiffness of the interior-foam. You have the choice of extra light, soft or medium inserts for $50 each. This offers you with extended longevity and a mattress that you can rely on. Check out these bed in a box reviews to get a good idea of what would work for you.

5. C by GE Sol ($113)

The primary feature of this bedside lamp involves saying “Amazon, dim the lights.” This gadget allows you to talk with an Amazon bot to adjust light intensity and color settings and play your music with the use of voice commands. When it gets dark you are able to adjust the hues so that they resemble a sunset. This device is also a type of clock which displays the hour and the minute hands.

6. Nightingale Premium Priced At $249

Nightingale has definitely made the boldest of promises when it comes to sleeping gadgets. This company has claimed that users will go to sleep 38% faster when using it. This package includes 2-wall-outlet covers which emit a surround-sound audio. With the app you configure the size of the room, and the product then emits background noises and the sounds are then reflected across the room.

7. Sleep Number 360 P6 ($2,699)

It was announced last month at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas; Sleep Number 360 is a highly unique mattress due to the machine-learning involved. The AL monitors how the user is sleeping and will automatically make adjustments to encourage a more peaceful and restful sleep. Some features include sensors which make adjustments to the bed’s height to prevent snoring or the foot warmers which will assist you in becoming more comfortable.

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